General Assembly of Catania Minutes

MMESA – General Assembly of Catania Minutes



1* Welcome and passing Presidency to President-Elect

2* Information

3* Approval of Minutes Tehran

4* Future MMESA Meetings

            4a* Congresses

4b* Spring Meetings

5* Courses and Sponsored events

            5a* Future MMESA Laparoscopic Courses

6* Committees – Work and composition

            6a* Congress Committee

7* Web site and Journal

8* Closure


1* and 2*

Having the Agenda been accepted, the General Assembly started with the welcome by the President

After this, the President empowered the President Elect, Tarif Al Aita

The Congress in Catania was well attended with very good participation and scientific level and the Congress President was congratulated by the participants having voted for a Laudatory vote; this vote was unanimously voted for with acclamation.


The Past President informed briefly about the actions took for the last year, which had been already been mentioned during his Lecture and were posted in a poster wall outside the room for the members to be aware and to put eventual questions.

No questions were mentioned


The Past President also informed about the name(s) chosen for Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General, explaining the reasons for having a Deputy (Temporary political commitments for the Secretary General)

The Assembly decided on continuing with the same persons, considering the good job done.


There was a brief talk about the webcasts proposed last year by Prof.Cadiére. The idea was considered as very good and eventually very profitable for MMESA members and some more work is going to be given to it, considering that there were some technical problems needing to be solved.


A note was put, in order to find members with good Industry connections to bring these to MMESA as Institutional Members for closer connection and possible support and sponsorship. It is necessary to have from Industry ideas for common action.


Regarding MMESA’s organisation, it was agreed, after a brief discussion, that it is time to start having local structures to emphasize MMESA work and to promote scientific events, and education and training courses. This will be promoted by the President and local representatives with the help of Commissions


It was also agreed that a fee of 10 Euros per year would be reasonable now that MMESA has a web site and a Journal to offer to its members. More offers will be designed as well as a practical way to collect locally these fees. It is to be also promoted by the President, in togetherness with Commissions, local representatives and the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer.

Membership application forms shall be designed and placed in the website.


3* Minutes from last Assembly

As there were no questions regarding the Minutes of the last General Assembly held during Tehran’s Congress, these were approved


4* Future MMESA Meetings

            4a* Congresses

There was applause congratulation to the organisers of the Catania Congress by the excellence of the organisation and by the Congress itself, with the laudatory vote to Domenico Russello, already mentioned.


Future Congresses are on its way and Prof.Khalil Zayadin made a presentation on Amman’s and explained how the organisation is going.


The dates of the 2012 MMESA Congress, in Amman, Jordan are 11th to 13th of October


Considering problems running in some European countries at the moment, namely in Portugal, the Congress of 2013 will take place, instead, in Beirut, Lebanon, under the Presidency of Prof.Maher Hussein. The organizers of the Portuguese Congress were very appreciative of the kind proposal from Lebanon and the change of location was very well accepted.


There was a formal proposal for the 2014 Congress to take place in the United Emirates; this proposal was unanimously accepted. Considering the Portuguese candidacy, it will be waiting only for 6 months before the Portuguese representatives say if 2014 is viable for them to have the Congress running; otherwise it will take place in 2014 United Emirates and in 2015 Estoril, Portugal.

This will be definitely decided during the Spring Meeting in Saudi Arabia


It was decided that, in order to try to appeal more participants, especially young people who will benefit also of this for their curriculum, there will be in each Congress the attribution of prizes to the best poster, the best video and the best free paper. Sponsorship for this has to be found.


4b* Spring Meetings

There was a definition of dates for the 2012 Spring Meeting of MMESA. It will take place from the 26th to the 28th March 2012 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will be organized by the Department of General Surgery of the Riyadh Military Hospital, in togetherness with the Saudi Laparoscopic Society and the Saudi Arabia Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Abdullah Zahrani, Chairman of the Meeting, presented the progress of the organization, location and plans for the scientific programme.


As mentioned last year, the Spring Meeting for 2013 is planned for Lausanne,



We need bids for the years 2014 and further.


            4c* Winter Meetings

Prof. Bassiony, in name of our Egyptian members suggested that the usual Winter Meeting, taking place normally in January, to be moved to a different date in 2012, eventually June, because of local reasons – elections – in Egypt at the beginning of the year. This was approved and he will inform of the date as soon as possible. After 2012, it will return to the usual time of the year, January.


5* Courses and Sponsored events

A brief reminder was set, regarding these events, very necessary for MMESA and, in special, to MMESA’s young members.

It was reminded to members that an outline of a structured Course on Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, a replica of the structured FLS Course, already exists but has not yet been translated and applied.

Specific training Centres must also exist. One is already certified, in Lisbon, Portugal, fulfilling all the requisites set-up by MMESA. Other Centres should apply and will be certified depending on how well they respond to the requisites, after a preliminary Course, with observation from Board and/or Committees members. The requisites are in the web site.


A note of disappointment was made regarding the fact that the new “Young Surgical Talent” project, expected to generate interest in the younger generation, was left without candidates. It is necessary to give a more spread information about it for the future. This promotion is to be developed by the Executive, Committees and local representatives.


6* Committees – Work and composition

It was agreed that the work of the existing Committees is not being functional.

There was no plan of action from the majority of them (except for one, presided by Cavit Avci, which presented a plan)

During the Executive Board meeting, which took place in January, in Cairo, based on this evidence, there has been a decision on adjusting its number and participants.

This adjustment has been accepted with a few more changes and it is expected that interesting work will come now (Committees composition in the attachment); some Committees still need a few elements more, particularly young members.


7* Web site and Journal

The new web site was praised and more input was asked to all. It is run by the Deputy General Secretary, Nuno Borges, and he will be happy to have contributions from all members.

Abdoolreza Pazouki has, enthousiastically, started the project of a new Surgical Journal, which is already a reality, which will start in 2012. This was presented in a previous session, with great interest and contributions are very welcome.


8 – Closure

It was noticed that the time allotted for the General Assembly is not enough for proper discussion and decision of all issues arising.

It is also necessary to have more presences in the General Assembly

All members were pleased, in general, with the resolutions made.


Reminder of Executive Board Constitution


President: Tarif AlAita

Past-President: José M.Schiappa

General Secretary: Jorge Penedo

Deputy General Secretary: Nuno Borges

President-elect: Khalil Zayadin

Treasurer: Georges Timsit

Deputy Treasurer: Issam Karaki

Members representing countries and regional areas:

Faheem el-Bassiony

Gianluiggi Melloti

Feisal Alhafi

Domenico Russelo

Miguel-Angél Carbajo


Committees (please see its constitution in the attachment – light green = open places / junior members – 8 places in each Committee – Scientific and Educational / Editorial and of Publications)

Presidents are:

Advisory and Ethics Committee: Gian Luiggi Melotti

Programs and Congresses Committee: Cavit Avci

Scientific and Educational Committee: José M.Schiappa

Editorial and Publications Committee: Elena Ortiz Oschiro