A word from the President of MMESA

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Dear friends, members of MMESA

After returning back from our last yearly congress which took place in Catania / Italy, and after taking in charge my new position as President of MMESA I want first of all to thank you all for the trust you gave me by this election and wish to be able during the coming year to continue the hard work done by all previous Presidents of our Association in the aim of promoting the collaboration between the surgeons of the different Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and surrounding countries in the field of endoscopic surgery, and giving the young generation of surgeons in these countries the opportunity to learn and train the new techniques. With their hard work MMESA found its stable and strong place between the different international medical associations.

Second, I want to express my deep thanks to our friend Prof. Dr. Domenico Russello for his warm hospitality and generosity during the XI MMESA Congress in Catania which was one of the most successful MMESA congresses with a perfect organization and a very high scientific level of the presentations and live surgery. We will all keep a very pleasant memory of our stay in Catania.

My deep thanks also for my friend Dr. Jose Schiappa who always gave me a big support especially during the organization of the 9th congress in Damascus 2009.

Not forgetting Prof. Gian Luigi Melotti, our Honorary President, for his commitment to MMESA and the efforts he put to establish and promote this Association, and the support he gave in the organization of all MMESA congresses.

I also appreciate the work and efforts of all our friends, founders of MMESA, like Prof. Cavit Avci, Dr. Miguel Angel Carbajo, Dr. Georges Timsit, Dr. Faheem El-Bassyoni, Dr. Hechmatollah Kalbasi and all the others and wish that they continue to support our Association despite any misunderstanding.

Herewith I ask, in my name and your name, our valuable friend Prof Cavit Avci to reconsider his resignation from the Scientific and Educational Committee. We all appreciate his hard work on promoting Telemedicine and want him to continue with us to achieve one the main goals of our association which is the tele-education for young surgeon.

I also wish our friend Dr. Khalil Zayadin, the President elect, all the success in organizing the XII MMESA congress in Amman / Jordan next year. I will put all my efforts in supporting him in this hard task.

Once again many thanks for all of you…

Best warm regards

Dr. Tarif Al-Aita
President of MMESA
Chers amis, membres de MMESA

A mon retour de notre dernier congres annuel a Catania en Italie, et après avoir pris en charge ma nouvelle position comme President de MMESA, je voudrai bien vous remercier pour votre confiance tout en esperant d’etre capable de continuer durant l’annee prochaine le travail dur fourni par les presidents precedents de notre association, dans le but de promouvoir la collaboration entre les chirurgiens des differents pays de la Mediterranee, le Moyen Orient et les pays d’entourage dans le domaine de la Chirurgie endoscopique, en donnant a la nouvelle generation de chirurgiens l’opportunite d’apprendre et pratiquer les nouvelles techniques. Leurs efforts a donne a l’association de MMESA sa position stabile et forte entre les differentes associations internationaux.

Je voudrais bien aussi remercier notre cher ami Prof. Domenico Russello pour sa generosite et son chaleureux accueil Durant le XI Congres de MMESA a Catania. Ce Congres a ete un des meilleurs congres de MMESA avec une organization parfaite et un niveau scientifique tres haut dans les presentations donnees et les operations transmis en direct. Nous garderons toujours des bons souvenirs de notre sejour a Catania.

Tous mes remerciments les plus chaleureux a mon ami Dr. Jose Schiappa qui m’a donne toujours un grand support surtout Durant l’organisation du IX congres de MMESA a Damas l’annee 2009.

Quant au Prof. Gian Luigi Melotti, notre President honoraire, je voudrais lui addresser mes compliments pour son engagement a l’association de MMESA et ses efforts mis pour etablir et relancer cette association, et son soutien et sa presence dans tous les congres de MMESA.

J’apprecie aussi tous les efforts et le travail fournis par nos amis fondateurs de MMESA a cote de Prof. Melotti comme Prof. Cavit Avci, Prof. Miguel Angel Carbajo, Prof. Faheem Bassiony, Prof. Heshmatollah Kalbasi, Dr. Georges Timsit et plusieurs autre, en esperant qu’ils continuent tous a donner support a notre association en depis de tous les malentendus.

A cette occasion je demande, au mon nom et au nom de tout les membres de MMESA a notre tres cher ami Prof. Cavit Avci de reconsiderer sa demission de la comite scientifique et educationelle. Nous apprecions tous son dur labeur et ses efforts pour evoluer le domaine de Telemedicine. Nous lui demandons de continuer avec nous ce chemin afin d’achever l’un des plus important buts de notre association qui est la Tele-Education pour les jeunes chirurgiens.

Je souhaite aussi a notre cher ami, Dr. Khalil Zayadin, le President elu, tout le succes pour l’organisation du XII congres de MMESA l’annee prochaine a Amman / Jordanie. J’essayerai de lui accorder tout soutien necessaire pour reussir son travail.

Encore une fois veuillez recevoir mes sinceres remerciments et mes salutations les plus chaleureuses.

Dr. Tarif Al-Aita
President de MMESA